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3 reasons why Dynamics 365 is great for a Non-profit

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We love the functionality the Dynamics 365 delivers, especially to the non-profit sector and here are 3 reasons why we think Dynamics 365 is great for a Non-profit organisation.

  1. Dynamics 365 Nonprofit discounts
  2. Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator
  3. Integration with Office 365

Read on to learn more about each reason in more detail.

1. Dynamics 365 Non-profit Discounts

Microsoft have provided significant discounts which makes Dynamics 365 considerably cheaper to license compared to its counterparts.

The following is a table of the licenses available and the corresponding discount percentage.

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Plan 175%
Dynamics 365 Team Members75%
Dynamics 365 for Sales75%
Dynamics 365 for Customer Service75%
Dynamics 365 for Field Service75%
Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation75%
Enterprise Additional non-Production60%
Enterprise Additional Portal60%
Enterprise Additional Portal PVs60%
Enterprise Additional Production60%
Field Service Resource Scheduling Optimization60%

2. Dynamics 365 Non-profit Accelerator

The Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator has been developed by Microsoft by levering their experience in working with thousands of nonprofit organisations and is designed to significantly shorten the length of development time and cost to get you up and running quickly.

Yes it is a free product, but it packs a powerful set of features and once installed into your Dynamics 365 tenant will transform it into a nonprofit specific experience.

PXA will help build and configure your business processes on top of the templates and entities that are found within the Nonprofit Accelerator.

The following are some of the features in the non-profit accelerator.

Stakeholder Management

Profiles for individuals, households, and organisations, including personal details, communication methods, preferences, relationships, employment and education history, donations, and grants/awards.

Donation Management

Track donations from individuals, families or organisations, once off and recurring gifts and pledges, and grant distribution.

Membership Management

Track donations from individuals, families or organisations, once off and recurring gifts and pledges, and grant distribution.

Volunteer Management

Track volunteer details such as preferences, skills, availability, and volunteer projects.

3. Integration with Office 365

Non-profit organisations that have taken advantage of the Office 365 non-profit discounts will also have access to Dynamics 365 at a similar discount level.

Dynamics 365 tightly integrates with Office 365 to give organisations greater value from the application.

Popular integration scenarios are:

  • SharePoint Online document sharing
  • Exchange Online email functions
  • Microsoft Outlook email tracking
  • Microsoft Teams channel announcements


The non-profit sector has access to a very powerful platform with Dynamics 365 and they have some compelling reasons to choose it over the many other options available.

The price is right – Microsoft have given non-profits significant discounts.

Get it done quicker – The non-profit accelerator allows organisations to get the solution into production quicker

Office 365 Integration – Continue to leverage the Office 365 ecosystem with the tight integration into Dynamics 365.

Having a cloud hosted ERP and CRM such as Dynamics 365 at the non-profit discounted rates with all of its features is enough to push any non-profits sophistication to levels previously only achieved by enterprise with large budgets which is why we highly recommend it.