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Is Power Apps free with Microsoft 365 ?

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Free Power Apps with Microsoft 365

As organisations develop their Microsoft 365 solutions, it is inevitable that they use more sophisticated components such as Power Apps, and a common question is whether Power Apps is free with Microsoft 365.

Yes, Power Apps is free for Microsoft 365 users with some points to note.

Power Apps use rights with Microsoft 365

The free access will be plenty to start with.

Keep in mind though the license does limit the functionality and you do get more advanced features when you purchase the full license.

It still is great value and we have listed all the licenses that do include the Power Apps license:

  • Capability
  • Canvas Apps
  • Custom Apps
  • Access Custom Portals
  • Standard Connectors
  • Premium Connectors
  • On Premise Data Connector
  • Custom Connectors
  • Use Common Data Service
  • Create and Access Custom Entities
  • Daily API Request Limit
  • Microsoft 365 Free Inclusion
  • Unlimited
  • Included
  • 2000

The following Microsoft 365 licenses include Power Apps for free

Not all Microsoft 365 licenses included the Power Apps, the following do qualify.

Business EssentialsA5 for Faculty
Business PremiumA5 for Students
A1 for FacultyEducation E3 for Faculty
A1 for StudentsEducation E3 for Students
A1 Plus for FacultyEnterprise E1
A1 Plus for StudentsEnterprise E2
A3 for FacultyEnterprise E3
A3 for StudentsEnterprise E5
A5Enterprise F3

Accessing your Power Apps license

Once you have been allocated a suitable Microsoft 365 license, you should be automatically allocated a Power Apps license.

To access Power Apps go to

You should see the default Power Apps window and is where your journey begins.


Administering your Power Apps Environments

If you have elevated permission to your tenant you can access some advanced administrative functionality via the Power Apps admin centre.

To access Power Apps admin centre go to

From here you will be able to:

  • List your environments
  • Manage data policies
  • Manage data integrations
  • Download user license CSV
  • View quota usage